All my canners, Presto and All-American, arrived with great instructions together with recipes. I desire the All-American, though the Presto works just wonderful. I discovered to can during the late ’50s. Ensure you have further gaskets for that Presto. The Cooperative Extension Company has plenty of information on canning and drying. Canners don… Read More

The tall, narrow bottle pictured to the correct signifies a quite common olive bottle fashion that seems to get originated inside the very early 1900s - or maybe late 1890s - and was common by means of not less than the early 1930s.  It had been referred to by bottle makers since the "New York Model Olive," "Chicago Cylinder Olive," or maybe more … Read More

I can pork along with other meats in The fundamental manner I generally completely Prepare dinner the meat in the oven in liquid till its carried out,Primarily pork; as I can then pour from the lard to can seperatly ; it helps continue to keep the fat layer off best the jar just after it cools. I then pack the meat into your jar up to the jars … Read More

*The maximum pounds with the canner and it's contents shouldn't exceed 50 lbs .. It is suggested never to use your area things constantly all day for canning. You will find a created-in limiter which will allow the element to cycle on and off to help keep the glass from acquiring also very hot and causing damage to the cooktop. You will find sleek … Read More